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And for some fantasy covers

Most of my work is of course fantasy stories…well at their base of course…so here are a few that will be coming out over the next two months


This is for one of my odder little short stories…it actually does have something to do with the story


okay this one is an iffy…I like it but I am not sure it will work for the story. I may need to tweek a monster into it. I haven’t decided yet



new book covers

Okay I decided to play book cover creator yesterday.  Not sure how many more I will make today because well it is hard to concentrate today.  So if you like you can see them all here.


Yes I have written a lot of erotic tales and well thought I would just put them up for sale too

This one is more tasteful I guess but it is still for erotica


It was fun trying to find images to use for erotica, after all I don’t have pictures of mostly naked men and women but you can find them if you look



Surprises and Gifts…the book cover

another upcoming short story

Book Cover A Trap of Eyes

Upcoming short story cover


sometimes those innocent looking eyes are the trap