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Free Story covers too

Yup I do write stuff that I give away, so why not make a nice image to go with it?  Now since these are not for making money I have used something else for my covers.Image

And my other free if odd little story



Ghost stories are fun to make covers for!

Yup I write those too…if you hadn’t guessed faithful readers.  This one is for a tale that actually started out as almost a fan fiction.  I had set it (Long long ago) in the world of the White Wolf Wraith gaming system.  I decided to keep the bones and through out a good half of the story and rewrite and I came up with something that fits in my Death Walks Through short stories series.  So here you go!



And why not this one too?

Another cover for the second of my shorty shorts going up for free over on Wattpad.  This was the Christmas story so of course…well you can see



At it again or new book covers

Since I am putting up some free stuff over on WattPad I decided they needed good coves too.  I think this one has the feel of an old fashioned pulp magazine.  Hope you like it!



Cover for The Red Ghost Rides

This isn’t quite perfect yet but it will be going up soon



Book Trailer for Christmas Snow

Book trailer for Endings