Yup I have more covers that i haven’t posted here so why not?  I figure till I get my mind back into the writing mold I should catch up on things right?  I have done a few after all.




One of my short story covers and of course I have a bunch of new stories out so here are the erotica covers



Yup more of my nature shots for erotic covers



I know a bit tacky but well the stories are more erotic than the Pleasant Moments ones are

And hey I did do non erotic too!


I think that is enough for now.  I will probably try to work on book trailers and of course WRITE some more.  Poetry has been on my mind but so have some stories and soon we will be seeing some anthologies…in fact I did up this little cover for one I was asked to have an image for.  It is not the book cover but more of an image to head my story!




I will probably release this later this year after the collection comes out as a stand alone but maybe not.  I have three more stories that are out for anthologies that i will do a fun little teaser image for to help sell the anthology…I hope.