Okay I have made a decision.  I have so many works in progress and some of them may never see the light of day.  So from time to time i will be posting up excerpts from some of my works.  Teasers if you will for things that may soon be up and out.  So here we go.  To start I thought why not put in a bit on the story I started today?  The working title is down the Rabbit Hole.  Hope you enjoy:


When she finally returned to the cabin she built she was calmer and now understood that she had been brought here for a purpose.  “Your world is dying Crystal.  The Lords of Balance have decided in their infinite wisdom to place you here as the guardian of those who will come..  It will be you who will teach them and help your race change.  ”

“But I am just an old woman.  No one has listened to me since I was a young woman.”

The Stag laughed inside her mind in a way that warmed her to her bones.  “Oh woman that is where you are wrong.  You were listened to by those who had the heart to hear.  Even now back on your world there are those who quote your words of peace to those who carry weapons of destruction.  Enough that it was decided that you would be the first here.”

The confusion that filled her had lasted for long days and long nights of discussion with creatures that slowly came forward.  She learned that her tales of love and laughter and gentle ways had found an audience with those who were tired of never ending wars and competition.  While it was true that mankind did amazing things while striving to be better, they did terrible things too.

The need to be the best, to be the one in charge had overcome the desire to protect in many.  The blind belief that one way was better than another and that anyone who disagreed should be destroyed had spread across her home world like a cancer.  She had seen it and now the creatures here explained that soon there would be others dropping through the Rabbit Hole.


There just a taste of what I am working on right now.  I will put up excerpts from Traveler, Sudden Disappearances and a few others later today.  Enjoy!