Another of my WIP from the Death Walks Through short story series.  This started out life as something else entirely but as i got into writing my ghost stories I realized that this would fit the series pretty well.  When you play with magic beyond your abilities you find out the hard way what happens.


Watching her from the corner, he sighed inside the hood of shadows.  He was saddened by her state.  It was entirely his fault, he knew that.  If had had stayed, if he had paid attention to her fears, they would be lying together but in his arrogance he had not listened.

Sighing softly he stepped toward her, the shadows moving with him.  A month before life had been easy, had been normal.  Yes, he admitted, there had been odd moments but their life was closer to perfection than he had ever thought possible.   Now it was shattered past all mending.

He moved slowly across the carpeted floor.  There was nothing holding him back, just his own emotions, his own thoughts.  When they had last truly been together in this room, in that bed, they had made love, had talked, had made plans for their future.

Her career was just starting to show fruit, the effort of many years was starting to pay off.  His own career had soared early and he was proud of her persistence.  Making a name for herself had given her some much needed confidence.  All to be shattered in the briefest of moments.

He stood above her and gazed down on her sleeping face.  The pill had removed some of the strain from her face. Had softened the lines that had not been there a month ago.  There in one package was both a gift and his continued reason to stay on this plane.

“You have to stop this,” said a voice from his shoulder.

Louis lifted a finger and ran it down the breast feathers of his companion, a raven.  “I can’t.”

The bird cocked his head to the side and then lifted from his bond mate’s shoulder and hopped to the headboard.  He looked down at the sleeping woman.  “You are tied to her and she to you.  The cycle has to stop before destruction comes to you both.  You know you have but little time to complete the task.”

Louis sighed.  “But why must I?”

The bird looked up, its cold black eye focused on the shadows of the cloak’s hood.  “Because it was you who put things into motion.  It was your actions.”

The cloak of shadows spun away from the bird and bed and paced the room.  “I had no idea.  No warning.”

“Be that as it may. You began the task, you must finish it.  Only then will you be freed.”


Yup that one will be fun to finish.  I have at least two others in the works for this series and hopefully I can finish them up this summer.  Once I finish my latest Guardians of the Gate City tale I will probably work on this series and finish up enough for a paperback