Yeah I know weird title but it is a working title.  This is going to be one of the spin off stories from the Guardians of the Gate City series.  The main stories as my readers know are told from Harry’s POV.  He is the Guardian of the city but there are other guardians (with a little g) who protect and help when they can.  Harry can’t do everything in a city of 100K right?  So I have a few story clips set up for those coming tales (of course)



There was something in the darkness, something hurt.  There shouldn’t be anything here.  The house was abandoned as far as he knew.  Long abandoned.  This part of town had gone down hill when the economy took the big dip.  It had once been a good solid middleclass place.  Homes filled with children and pets.  Now the whole  place was covered with graffeti and boards.  There wasn’t a family within blocks of this house.  There wasn’t anyone living within blocks of this house.

He carefully moved, stepping past obstacles of a left over life.  If he had been a simple human he would have tripped over the broken hobby horse that lay in the hall.  His night vision was better than many humans day vision.  He could see as clearly as if it was high noon.  Slowly he moved to the stairs leading down.  The presence he sensed was down in what used to be a family room in this house.

The darkness told him more as he moved downward.  The something he sensed was alone.  There had been others in the basement but they had left.  Hours before by the fading scent trails.  Humans and others had been playing with the creature in the dark.  He could smell blood and fear, growing stornger as he came to the bottom of the stairs.  Picking his way past recent burger wrappers and empty coffee cups, he shook his head.  Creatures who ate and played in the same place were just sick to his beliefs.

He stepped to the back and entered what had once been the laundry room.  He could see the water heater and the utility sink to the left but it was what was on the floor to the right that make him curse softly.

There was a slender figure lying curled on it’s side.  A black mesh covered it from neck to ankles and long silver hair was splayed out around and over it’s face. He crouched down and ran a hand just above the mesh.  Sparks leapt from it to his hand and he hissed.  “Blood iron,” he clenched his teeth and then he grabbed the mesh and pulled it up, tossing it across the room.

The soft cry of pain and relief made him turn back to the figure on the floor.  She was slender and petite.  Built along the lines of a model but no model ever looked like this creature.   Her skin glowed softly in the moonlight like pearl.  Her hair shimmered now that the dampening effects of the blood iron had been removed.  It looked like molten silver poured out on the ground.


Who is our hero you ask?  Well you will have to wait to find out.  He has not been introduced to the world yet.  The person who is actually the guardian might surprise my never know who is lending a hand to those lost Others in the Gate city.