Yup another one for you.  Hope you are intrigued.  This will be part of the Death Walks through series


He looked so young.  The years he carried awake fell away when he slept.  The eyes that looked deep into her soul and claimed her were closed now.  She wished she could wake him.  Could bring back the intensity that made him impossible to ignore.  But the whoosh of the machines keeping him alive filled her world.  With a weakly trembling hand she curled her fingers about his limp ones.  Tears glistened in her eyes but none fell to her pale cheek.


Her lips moved in silent pleas but no sound could emerge.  The mass of bandages around her throat told part of the tale but it couldn’t stop her wishing to speak to him.  She had dragged herself from the bed down the hall and somehow the nurses let her.  It could have been the time of night, for it was late into the wee hours or it could have been the power of her desire to see her husband.  No matter what she was here now and doubted she would be moved.


At the moment she couldn’t remember much from the time they had left the restaurant till she had woke up down the hall.  There was noise and bright light and lots of pain but in all of it she had the warmth of her love.  Then the feeling of loss as that warmth fell away.


Her breathing shuddered painfully as she lightly stroked his fingers.   The gold band that matched the one on her hand was the only bright thing she could see.  She silently started to pray.  Pray to who ever was listening. Any god or spirit who cared enough to listen to a heart’s desire but deep inside she knew nothing could be done.  She moved as close as she could to his side and lay her head down to rest on his hand, shuddering.