Yup here is a bit on one of the anthologies i will be part of this summer.  This is a horror and fantasy collection of tales by six different writers.  I was both surprised and happy to be asked to be part of this book.  It will come out on June 24th as both an ebook and a paperback!  I get to have a copy in my hot little hands and that makes me really happy!

The following is from the back cover of this collection:



You are invited to step into the world of the bizarre, where just about anything is possible. Here is a place where anything can and probably will happen.

You are entering through a doorway and into the minds of some of the best independent authors about today.

Here is presented to you, a unique collection of 15 short stories.

There is something inside for everyone.

From wondrous tales of magic, to those of an extremely disturbing reality. And from pure fantasy, to the downright terrifying. There are Zombies, Vampires, Demons and Witches to name but a few.

They will shock you, bewilder you and scare you half to death.

Read on, but once you enter remember, there will be no escape. The door to our Dark Minds has been opened.

You are dared to step inside.


And here is the cover!

Dark Minds  front cover