I thought I would toss up the first bit of the next Loralil Greyfox story.  This will be the third book to my oldest series.  It comes a decade or more after the end of Revenge.  Loralil has found a peace as the title says but it is not meant to last


Chapter one

A haven destroyed


“So,” a soft voice spoke. “They came this way.” Looking up the mountainside a pair of amethyst eyes narrowed. There was a haze growing above and it could be coming only from one place. Swiftly pulling her bow, Loralil ran lightly up the mountain trail.


It had been 15 years since the death of the last of her family, ten years since she had been in this place. She had taken to wandering the wilds. The healers of Tal’sin had brought her back to a semblance of normalcy. She could function within polite society but she rarely felt comfortable there. She was a killer, she knew that deep inside and nothing the people of the Grey Elven city could tell her would change her view of herself. The long years in the human lands had shaped her.


She paused for a moment as she came close to the city. There was something on the air, a scent her forest trained senses told her was familiar. She shook her body, shaking out the tightness that settled between her shoulder blades. She knew there were intruders on her mountain, another race of beings had come up here and had most likely invaded the last refuge of a people nearly extinct. She wasn’t sure just which race it was as they were mounted but she had an idea. The lingering scent of the hated foe of her youth filled her nostrils and the small elf woman picked up speed.


She had be to sure. One part of her mind told her she had to try and protect the people who had brought her back and the rest told her it was once more time to destroy. The battle was to be found once more.




There will be many more Loralil stories from novels to short stories.