Now I started this blog as a place to show my work.  While I have been doing mostly excerpts here I thought I would post up some of the ebook covers templates I have made up.  These are for sale at the very reasonable price of $5.  Basic fonts and your title and name are added for that price.  If people want more effects then the price goes up but not by much.

Here are a few examples.  These are done with my own photography and would be great for the writer who is doing poetry, erotica or romance.

yellow-lily black-eyed-susan blossom-five blossom-four blossoms blossoms-two blossom-three impatiences lavender-bloosom morning-glory peach pink pink-duo pretty-purple purple purple-pink-blossoms wet-purple white-and-purple yellow-blossom  If you are interested just drop me a line!