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Another day another post

How about something older and yet newer?  Yeah I know confusing but that is what a mad writer does.  I open your mind and let you see what is inside mine.  Now this little bit is from what will be a children’s book if I ever complete it.  I plan on doing some paintings and writing the rest of the tale.  I did this originally as part of an online program that let you do something like a Japanese shadow puppet tale.  You did little bits with images and like the old quest books you picked where the tale would go.  This is part of what I salvaged from the death of many computers over the years.


Settle back gentle beings and listen to a tale of a tiny dragon and his quest to help a lonely Elf woman.

Once…long ago..there lived a small dragon

He lived in a deep, green forest, where the shadows were long….

and he loved to play all day with the salamanders and the sprites…

t was a good life with no worries and the little dragon believed that life was always good and fun…

One day the little dragon and his friends heard a strange sound.  One like they had never heard before.

It was a wondrous sound to the little dragon…he had never heard anything like it before…so he started toward it.

He lifted up on his little wings and flew through the trees…

…after many long moments he came to a clearing and there he stopped and rested on a large rock…

The little dragon rested on the rock and looked about….

…on a stump across the glade sat a figure shrouded in shadows…the sound came from it

The figure was singing….singing a sad, sweet song…the words were quiet but the dragon could hear them fine….


As I said…a children’s tale.  Should be fun


A dip into the poetry pool

Since I am showing up in anthologies and collections for my poetry and not just my fiction I figure I can post a poem or three from the collections I am putting together.  I have two currently going through processing with a publisher and one I am finishing the edit and photo stage.  Yes I put photos that I have taken into the poetry collections I make.  So with no further adieu here is one poem from each of the three I am working on now.


This is from Random Musings of a Poetic Mind


Dreams of wonder

Closing my eyes
I reach out
searching for something
that only I can name

floating through a night sky
lights come to me
a city across the bay
bound by a wall

the lights on the water
the water as a wall
what dreams I have
of a city, I wonder.


This next one is from Seasons of my Mind


A Mid Summer day


The warmth seeps into my skin

the sun feeding a sense of rest

the wind blows softly

as I watch the water flow by


Summers longest day

came with brightness

awakening spirits

and every creature knows this


As I stand by the rock

I watch a bright blue lady bug

crawling toward me glittering

A smile on my sweaty face.


and finally something light from the collection Generations of Love.  This one is heavy for me and some of the poetry is harsh but filled with emotion




Curled up so sweet

Napping the evening away

Curled up with a tiny girl

Both so sweet


Someday she will be grown

Years from now you will be gone

She will have a child of her own

Curled up with her kitty too

Just the opening for Sudden Disappearances

Now that the cover is being worked on for the Guardians of the Gate City short story series book one (mouthful that is) I thought I could put up the opening to this tale.  This particular short story is actually a novella.  Quite a long piece for this series but then I want to give you readers something worth picking up the collection.  This story will only be in the collection, which I will have available as both ebook and paperback!


Sudden Disappearances

A Guardian of the Gate City Short Story

By Lisa Williamson


This winter, when it came in, hit heavy and cold.  The weather had kept things quiet in town, something, for which after the past year I was grateful.  Or so I thought.


There had been a string of disappearances since the New Year that at first was thought to just be snowbirds.  Yeah even the nonhumans use that term and yes some just don’t like the cold and snow.  Generally about half the population of Undertown tries to make the pilgrimage to the Gulf States at some point in the winter.


But then a human went missing.  According to my sources in the NPD the man went missing where the Nashua met the Merrimack.  If it hadn’t been for the dogs coming home alone, no one would have noticed anything wrong.  It was common for young men of his age to just drop off the face of the earth for a short period of time but this kid was one of those very reliable types.


I did not want to think that Bethie had broken our bargain like the Mari-morgans had back in the summer but it was possible.  Winter was a lean season for Banshee, especially in the modern age.  Bethie was supposedly living just off those few idiots who decided to mug or sell drugs in her patch of the woods but if she was hungry enough who knew what might happen.


Yeah I let her take the occasional mugger or drug dealer.  It was just a way to clean up my streets.  She didn’t leave behind a mess that had to be explained away and it kept the crime rate low, at least in that part of town but the kids going missing were all good, upstanding citizens.  Be they knockers, gnomes or human, if you were on the good side of the law I was bound to protect you, even from my friends.  And yeah this disappearance was outside her normal range but she wasn’t really trapped in that old willow that she hangs out under.  She could travel anywhere there was flowing water and one thing Nashua has in abundance is flowing water.

A warm and wonderful afternoon

I was out walking around in the sun…yes me in the sun…and I managed to write some poetry.  Now these just might end up in the Seasons of my mind poetry collection but for now….


A Mid Summer day


The warmth seeps into my skin

the sun feeding a sense of rest

the wind blows softly

as I watch the water flow by


Summers longest day

came with brightness

awakening spirits

and every creature knows this


As I stand by the rock

I watch a bright blue lady bug

crawling toward me glittering

A smile on my sweaty face.


Yup that one will be in the Seasons book…it came to me very easily.  This one was a bit harder…could have been I was too hot.  I don’t have a title for this one yet…


Once Long Ago

I drifted on the water

Music at my side

Leafy shadows in my eyes


So long ago it seems

A mountain lake

filled my sense of wonder

letting me just be


Decades later

I stand by a creek

I think back

to that time of wonder


Where did the years go

back then I was a child

Now a woman grown

I can’t believe how much I have changed

Soon to be in an anthology (I think)

Now I submitted this a while ago.  The book is in the works but I am not sure when it will come out.  I am hoping we will see it up and out there by the end of the summer.  With so many anthologies It just might be time for me to pull back and work just on my own stuff.  I am currently finished the editing on The Guardian of the Gate City collection and just waiting on a nice cover to release.  Working on these separate poetry chapbooks for fun but here is a bit of a different story.  This is supposed to show up in a magazine and not a book but hey who knows?

Sheldon is one of the characters I invented for the Guardians of the Gate City.  A Dragon who lives in Undertown and whose hoard is knowledge.  He is a fun, if rather young dragon.  Here is the start of the tale I wrote for him.


Not Just Another Morning of Business

by Lisa Williamson


@Evilemporer    Is my order ready yet?


@dragonhorde    You just placed your request.  Please give me a day


@Evilemporer     No really is it ready yet?


@dragonhorde    All orders take 24 hours to process.  Your receipt has our terms


@Evilemporoer  Can’t you make an exception?


@dragonhorde    No exceptions


Sheldon sat back on his tail and shook his head.  Ever since he opened up his Internet information exchange people wanting to know the strangest things had bombarded him.  He expected to have people requesting genealogy or where the best places were for a troll to take a vacation but the humans on Twitter where really crazy.


He stretched and shut down the monitor to his left.  It was nearly dawn in the above world and he needed to slip out to pick up some bagels and cream cheese.  Tucking away his specially designed keyboard, he shifted shape to his human seeming and locked up the shop.  With a pass of his hand it was magically warded and invisible to most passersby.


A short bit I know but this is a short tale.  Sheldon has quickly wormed his way into my heart and will probably end up with a much longer tale of his own.

Something a little different today

Today I thought instead of just doing my usual story snippet that I would put up one of the poems that will be in the new collection I am working on.  Just a simple musing…this book will be filled with musings…internal ramblings so to speak



Peace found,
then lost,
a moment of understanding
confusion forgotten

Late at night
sick in bed
it comes to me

All the struggle
all the tears
all the laughter
lead to one thing


Excerpt from One More All Hallows Eve…updated

Okay it is known that I planned on collecting together all my Guardian of the Gate City tales into a collection.  This is the first story in the collection.  I have re-edited it and I will be adding commentary at the beginning of each of the tales.  The great part is I have a totally unseen novella in this collection.  Something for those who buy this book since it will not be released separately for a long time.


One More All Hallows Eve  © 2012


It was another dark and windy night.  Like so many others.  I walked the streets, watching the kids as they rousted the neighborhood for more sugar.  Just what most of those little yard apes needed.  Empty calories to give them more endless energy to drive their parents nuts.  I’m just glad it isn’t me that has to explain to little Jillie or Marky that they can’t eat all their stash in one night.  Some things even I won’t try.


Most of the nice people on the streets had no idea just what they were really celebrating or why.  And that was fine with me.  After all it was my job and others like me to make sure that they stayed the happy, placid little sheep they were.


Oh yeah, let me introduce myself.  Name’s Harry.  What?  You expected something grander?  Well sorry, nothing fancy for me.  Let the others have the names that stand out.  I’ll stick to something simple and easy.  Something that just ain’t gonna be remembered.


Now where was I?  Oh yeah, introing myself.  I’m a guardian, yeah that is right, a guardian.  I know, don’t look much like one do I?  No one ever said that guardians had to be all tall, dark and mysterious.  Some of us, the better ones in my opinion, look just like an average Joe.


We walk around on nights like tonight, keeping our eyes open.  Open for what you ask?  Well now that is the root of my story, my friend.  You see there are so many things in this wide, weird world of ours.  Things you just couldn’t believe.


Well back to my story.  I was out patrolling, just watching the kids and their harried parents.  Wasn’t expecting much yet.  Usually trouble started a lot later in the evening, after the kiddies were home in their beds, sleeping the sleep of the innocent.