Now see my readers I have been writing my stories down for decades.  The one I am going to toss in here today was started way back in my early twenties.  I am six months from hitting fifty now and when I read this I get a headache!  The concept will become something in the future but for now it is a bit of a history lesson.  Writers get better by writing.  Writing as much as they can each and every day.  Yes I skip days, hell i have skipped longer but when you focus on what you are doing you will get better.  So here goes…


Through this land travel 3 young women.  These women are far from ordinary.  Besides having to learn to survive by themselves in the wilderness, these women were changed by the fallout caused by the blast.

The leader of the group is called Lara; she is the defender of the other two.  She rides in the lead.  She and her mount are armed for battle.  On what can be seen beneath her cloak, we see a variety of weapons.  On her body daggers are strapped to legs and arm.  We also see a bullwhip and a strange looking revolver.  On the right side of her saddle is a rifle and a jewel-hilted sword. On the other side, there is a longbow and its quiver of arrows.  Her face cannot be seen because the hood of her cloak is pulled down low over her eyes.  There is a long scar on her left thigh.  She is basically a quiet person.

The middle rider is a young, cheerful person.  Her name is Kari.  She is the smallest of the group, and is looked after by the other two.  She has long, thick flowing brown hair and flashing eyes.  She is wearing a riding skirt and carries no weapons.  She is in charge of cooking for the group; and in the winter teaches children.  She holds the reins to the pack horse.  This beast is carrying the party’s supplies; cooking and sleeping gear, but also books and instruments.  These three hunt for books during the warm months so they can teach the village children.

The last rider’s name is Rael.  She is a thief and sorceress, and the youngest of the group.  Getting books and artifacts is her job.  She is fair- haired and talented.  She carries daggers and a crossbow.  She also carries a bullwhip, and sometimes fights alongside Lara.

There is light chit-chat going on between Kari and Rael.  Lara looks for a place to camp and watches the front for danger.  At the same time, Rael keeps an eye on their rear.

“Rael, are you listening?”  Rael returned her gaze to Kari.

“Of course; just checking our trail, can’t be too careful, you know.”

“I know.  Sometimes I miss the simplicity of the old days.”

“Yah, but what can we do?”

“Lara, have you spotted a site yet?” asked Kari.

The leader looked back, smiling.  “Getting tired?  There’s a spot ahead where we can stop.”

The three dismounted, took the reins of the horses, and walked to the site.  There was a good covering of trees, and the river ran next to it.  They found level ground and started to pitch their tents.

“Lara, why don’t you go out and catch dinner,” said Kari, noticing that Lara’s hand was bothering her.

“What do you wish to dine on tonight, Madame?” she said bowing jokingly.

“I think rabbit would be good,” answered Kari.

“With a side order of radishes and wild corn,” piped up Rael.

“Surely, my ladies,” she smiled.  Lara took her bow and quiver, and walked toward the dense trees.

“She sure provides for us, doesn’t she?” said Kari as she watched Lara leave.

“Yah.”  They finished pitching the tent and went about setting up camp and caring for the horses.



Yup that was HORRIBLE wasn’t it?  Yes I have done much much better and I will clean up this bit.  Okay to be totally truthful I will tear this down to the bare bones and rebuild a better story out of it.  It can be done, when I have time that is I will.