Okay this little bit is something I am actually working on right now.  This will hopefully be going into a new anthology of FB writers.  I all ready submitted a short little Death Walks Through story.  Thankfully once this book as has been out for six month I can go ahead and put it into the collection of those tales.  But this is a different little bit.  Set in the world after the Change (yeah end of the world off screen) it deals with those little beings who have come out of hiding.  Some of them are innocent victims of the mad new world



Panting, she crouched down between the wall an the dumpster.  The darker shadows here and her clothing made her nearly invisible to most.  It would take more than a stray headlight to pick her out.  Straining, she focused all her senses toward the opening of the alley.  She shivered and then froze as the loud voices got closer.  Praying hard to beings who she was sure had left, she held her breath, slitted eyes darting back and forth.


She did not relax as the large shadows thudded past.  Counting silently, she closed her eyes tightly at 50 and pulled herself inward.  She felt the final shadow pause, searching in ways its brothers’ could not.  He took a step into the alley, fingers out stretched then paused, his head whipped around and then flashed out of the alley and away after his baying pack.


She waited and waited until her subconscious realized that the danger level had dropped.  It was then she started to tremble.  Nothing big, a bare rustle of the cloth covering her from crown to toes.  Taking a slow cautious breath, she reached and nearly shrieked as a deep, furry voice spoke above her.  “They’re gone, little lady, you can get up now.”


Pressing back harder into the shadows she shook her head and scrabbled at her waist for a weapon she no longer had.  “Easy now,” Thomas spoke softly, gently to the quivering form.  She was covered from head to toe in over sized clothes.  The only part of her he could see was her large luminous eyes.  “I won’t hurt you but we need to get you out of here and some place safe.  The Hunters have your scent now.