Yup another tale in the works.  I have so many it is hard to keep up isn’t it?  This should go to an anthology but here you go..the first bit of this one.




The wind flowed under my wings as I circled the tall ship.  This was not where I belonged, so far from land but I had to follow her.  Back winging I settled on the cross piece of the mast.  Calling out my song of loss into the night, toward the stars so high above.


Not so long ago I had been man, living happily in a cottage surrounded by deep green and lovely flowers but that all changed when she did.  If I had listened to my parents maybe I would still be man, who knows.


Ten days ago she changed and I could have stop myself from following her.  She no longer wanted our simple life in the woods.  She wanted something bigger and more importantly she wanted someone else.  In my love for her I begged her not to go, to stay in our home and our marriage bed but she would not.  Now I follow her on wings of black forced upon me by magic I did not expect.


Life had been so simple before.  We had courted like any young couple would and walked along the dunes that led down to the sea.  It was there that we met him, the man who took my lover’s heart from me.


His name was Michael and to many he would have been handsome.  Taller than I by a hand span, his eyes were ice blue.  With a single look he stole her away and my Mary dropped my arm and walked to him.


When he wrapped his arm about her he shot me a fierce and proud look.  The look a predator has when he had defeated his rival.  I knew his name and heard the legend of his power but I did not believe it and look where it left me.