Okay it is known that I planned on collecting together all my Guardian of the Gate City tales into a collection.  This is the first story in the collection.  I have re-edited it and I will be adding commentary at the beginning of each of the tales.  The great part is I have a totally unseen novella in this collection.  Something for those who buy this book since it will not be released separately for a long time.


One More All Hallows Eve  © 2012


It was another dark and windy night.  Like so many others.  I walked the streets, watching the kids as they rousted the neighborhood for more sugar.  Just what most of those little yard apes needed.  Empty calories to give them more endless energy to drive their parents nuts.  I’m just glad it isn’t me that has to explain to little Jillie or Marky that they can’t eat all their stash in one night.  Some things even I won’t try.


Most of the nice people on the streets had no idea just what they were really celebrating or why.  And that was fine with me.  After all it was my job and others like me to make sure that they stayed the happy, placid little sheep they were.


Oh yeah, let me introduce myself.  Name’s Harry.  What?  You expected something grander?  Well sorry, nothing fancy for me.  Let the others have the names that stand out.  I’ll stick to something simple and easy.  Something that just ain’t gonna be remembered.


Now where was I?  Oh yeah, introing myself.  I’m a guardian, yeah that is right, a guardian.  I know, don’t look much like one do I?  No one ever said that guardians had to be all tall, dark and mysterious.  Some of us, the better ones in my opinion, look just like an average Joe.


We walk around on nights like tonight, keeping our eyes open.  Open for what you ask?  Well now that is the root of my story, my friend.  You see there are so many things in this wide, weird world of ours.  Things you just couldn’t believe.


Well back to my story.  I was out patrolling, just watching the kids and their harried parents.  Wasn’t expecting much yet.  Usually trouble started a lot later in the evening, after the kiddies were home in their beds, sleeping the sleep of the innocent.