Now I submitted this a while ago.  The book is in the works but I am not sure when it will come out.  I am hoping we will see it up and out there by the end of the summer.  With so many anthologies It just might be time for me to pull back and work just on my own stuff.  I am currently finished the editing on The Guardian of the Gate City collection and just waiting on a nice cover to release.  Working on these separate poetry chapbooks for fun but here is a bit of a different story.  This is supposed to show up in a magazine and not a book but hey who knows?

Sheldon is one of the characters I invented for the Guardians of the Gate City.  A Dragon who lives in Undertown and whose hoard is knowledge.  He is a fun, if rather young dragon.  Here is the start of the tale I wrote for him.


Not Just Another Morning of Business

by Lisa Williamson


@Evilemporer    Is my order ready yet?


@dragonhorde    You just placed your request.  Please give me a day


@Evilemporer     No really is it ready yet?


@dragonhorde    All orders take 24 hours to process.  Your receipt has our terms


@Evilemporoer  Can’t you make an exception?


@dragonhorde    No exceptions


Sheldon sat back on his tail and shook his head.  Ever since he opened up his Internet information exchange people wanting to know the strangest things had bombarded him.  He expected to have people requesting genealogy or where the best places were for a troll to take a vacation but the humans on Twitter where really crazy.


He stretched and shut down the monitor to his left.  It was nearly dawn in the above world and he needed to slip out to pick up some bagels and cream cheese.  Tucking away his specially designed keyboard, he shifted shape to his human seeming and locked up the shop.  With a pass of his hand it was magically warded and invisible to most passersby.


A short bit I know but this is a short tale.  Sheldon has quickly wormed his way into my heart and will probably end up with a much longer tale of his own.