I was out walking around in the sun…yes me in the sun…and I managed to write some poetry.  Now these just might end up in the Seasons of my mind poetry collection but for now….


A Mid Summer day


The warmth seeps into my skin

the sun feeding a sense of rest

the wind blows softly

as I watch the water flow by


Summers longest day

came with brightness

awakening spirits

and every creature knows this


As I stand by the rock

I watch a bright blue lady bug

crawling toward me glittering

A smile on my sweaty face.


Yup that one will be in the Seasons book…it came to me very easily.  This one was a bit harder…could have been I was too hot.  I don’t have a title for this one yet…


Once Long Ago

I drifted on the water

Music at my side

Leafy shadows in my eyes


So long ago it seems

A mountain lake

filled my sense of wonder

letting me just be


Decades later

I stand by a creek

I think back

to that time of wonder


Where did the years go

back then I was a child

Now a woman grown

I can’t believe how much I have changed