Now that the cover is being worked on for the Guardians of the Gate City short story series book one (mouthful that is) I thought I could put up the opening to this tale.  This particular short story is actually a novella.  Quite a long piece for this series but then I want to give you readers something worth picking up the collection.  This story will only be in the collection, which I will have available as both ebook and paperback!


Sudden Disappearances

A Guardian of the Gate City Short Story

By Lisa Williamson


This winter, when it came in, hit heavy and cold.  The weather had kept things quiet in town, something, for which after the past year I was grateful.  Or so I thought.


There had been a string of disappearances since the New Year that at first was thought to just be snowbirds.  Yeah even the nonhumans use that term and yes some just don’t like the cold and snow.  Generally about half the population of Undertown tries to make the pilgrimage to the Gulf States at some point in the winter.


But then a human went missing.  According to my sources in the NPD the man went missing where the Nashua met the Merrimack.  If it hadn’t been for the dogs coming home alone, no one would have noticed anything wrong.  It was common for young men of his age to just drop off the face of the earth for a short period of time but this kid was one of those very reliable types.


I did not want to think that Bethie had broken our bargain like the Mari-morgans had back in the summer but it was possible.  Winter was a lean season for Banshee, especially in the modern age.  Bethie was supposedly living just off those few idiots who decided to mug or sell drugs in her patch of the woods but if she was hungry enough who knew what might happen.


Yeah I let her take the occasional mugger or drug dealer.  It was just a way to clean up my streets.  She didn’t leave behind a mess that had to be explained away and it kept the crime rate low, at least in that part of town but the kids going missing were all good, upstanding citizens.  Be they knockers, gnomes or human, if you were on the good side of the law I was bound to protect you, even from my friends.  And yeah this disappearance was outside her normal range but she wasn’t really trapped in that old willow that she hangs out under.  She could travel anywhere there was flowing water and one thing Nashua has in abundance is flowing water.