Since I am showing up in anthologies and collections for my poetry and not just my fiction I figure I can post a poem or three from the collections I am putting together.  I have two currently going through processing with a publisher and one I am finishing the edit and photo stage.  Yes I put photos that I have taken into the poetry collections I make.  So with no further adieu here is one poem from each of the three I am working on now.


This is from Random Musings of a Poetic Mind


Dreams of wonder

Closing my eyes
I reach out
searching for something
that only I can name

floating through a night sky
lights come to me
a city across the bay
bound by a wall

the lights on the water
the water as a wall
what dreams I have
of a city, I wonder.


This next one is from Seasons of my Mind


A Mid Summer day


The warmth seeps into my skin

the sun feeding a sense of rest

the wind blows softly

as I watch the water flow by


Summers longest day

came with brightness

awakening spirits

and every creature knows this


As I stand by the rock

I watch a bright blue lady bug

crawling toward me glittering

A smile on my sweaty face.


and finally something light from the collection Generations of Love.  This one is heavy for me and some of the poetry is harsh but filled with emotion




Curled up so sweet

Napping the evening away

Curled up with a tiny girl

Both so sweet


Someday she will be grown

Years from now you will be gone

She will have a child of her own

Curled up with her kitty too