How about something older and yet newer?  Yeah I know confusing but that is what a mad writer does.  I open your mind and let you see what is inside mine.  Now this little bit is from what will be a children’s book if I ever complete it.  I plan on doing some paintings and writing the rest of the tale.  I did this originally as part of an online program that let you do something like a Japanese shadow puppet tale.  You did little bits with images and like the old quest books you picked where the tale would go.  This is part of what I salvaged from the death of many computers over the years.


Settle back gentle beings and listen to a tale of a tiny dragon and his quest to help a lonely Elf woman.

Once…long ago..there lived a small dragon

He lived in a deep, green forest, where the shadows were long….

and he loved to play all day with the salamanders and the sprites…

t was a good life with no worries and the little dragon believed that life was always good and fun…

One day the little dragon and his friends heard a strange sound.  One like they had never heard before.

It was a wondrous sound to the little dragon…he had never heard anything like it before…so he started toward it.

He lifted up on his little wings and flew through the trees…

…after many long moments he came to a clearing and there he stopped and rested on a large rock…

The little dragon rested on the rock and looked about….

…on a stump across the glade sat a figure shrouded in shadows…the sound came from it

The figure was singing….singing a sad, sweet song…the words were quiet but the dragon could hear them fine….


As I said…a children’s tale.  Should be fun