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Working hard again but here are some lovely drabbles

Yeah I am doing a thousand things at the same time.  Writing on three new stories, editing four newly completed tales, making covers, thinking about book trailers, building SD gundum models…okay that last one has nothing to do with writing but you know what?  It is fun!  So here are some drabbles till I have something really good in excerpts for you wonderful readers.



The Colors of Space

by Lisa Williamson


Leaning back I watch the sky move by.  Once the city lights blinded me to the colors of space, now I see them all.  The reds, the purples and the greens flow past like paint on an artist’s palate yet I lie here in darkness.

I see the world rising now, the clouds drifting across her face.  Do they see this magnificent view or are they still blinded by light?  How long till someone else joins me on my hill and stares up as the world passes by? In shadow I may be but it is such a beautiful view.



Window into another World

by Lisa Williamson


The spotlight shown down on the warn floor as I waited off camera.  The room filled with dust from the ages this room sat waiting.  Long ago it was called a barn, a place where those who tilled the land kept the animals hostage to their needs, now it was the perfect setting for our little docudrama.  Behind me the cast is complaining about having to wear their costumes but really they aren’t that bad.  At least the so called harnesses are just plastic and not the dead skin of our cousins. “Places, time to film the descent of Man.”


I had one more planned but I seem to not have the image!  Well it happens…enjoy readers!


story excerpts again!

It is nearly the end of July and I realized I am WAY behind finishing up stories…I should have finished two more tales for anthologies but i haven’t.  Here is a taste of something I plan on working on next month


Now and Forever

a Myths of Love short story

by Lisa Williamson


Holding you close in the darkness was all I had.  Soon the sun will come up and I would have to leave again.  Not because I want to but because I was forced to.  Daylight was the enemy now and there was nothing I could do to halt its progress.


It was not always this way.  Once I was a man of the day, a simple farmer who enjoyed the feel of the soil between my fingers.  Watching the crops that I planted grow strong and straight in the sunlight and coming home at the end of the day to your smiling face.  I had everything I could ever want or could ever need.  A simple life with love and laughter and you loving arms at night.


but that all changed in a matter of a few moments.  I should have known better, should never have left our farm.  You knew it at the time, told me not to answer the call to arms but was a fool, proud and young.


I told you to hold one, that I would return and that I was now and forever your man.  Words that haunt me now.  I tried so hard to deal with the distance and time away.  I was so proud of my uniform and the rank I was given but I did not think of the promises they would make me swear when I packed up my kit and left you that morning.


Now they have given me one night to make my goodbyes.  One last day to be with you and tell you everything.  My Angelia, my sweet dove of the morning how can I tell you what I have become?


It was during the war that they came to our camp.  The moved among us, looking into the heart of each man to see if we would be what they needed.  I thought it was a simple assignment, a scouting trip and then back to camp in time to muster out and come home to you.  After all it had been three years and they promised if we made three years we would be given a sack of gold and a horse and allowed to go home.  They needed you no more.  It was a lie, one that they kept from even the wisest of us all.

New short story book covers

Well yesterday I sat down and worked on a couple of covers.  I have four stories I should put out and I have done three of the covers so far. I posted up Blackbird all ready but here are the other two.  I am not as happy with these as I should be and the fourth one needs a gremlin and I am still searching for one.  I might have to do something else…we will see.

black-bridge day-of-business  These two are from two different series as you can see.  I am slowly working my way toward finishing the Death Walks through series and the Guardians side stories will be new.

Time for a new excerpt…new Bloodsong

Well I got some writing done..finally…which is a good thing.  So here you go readers…a tiny bit of Singer of the Bloodsong


The lights dimmed down till only the small twinkle lights along the floor illuminated the room and the people crowded around the small tables spoke in hushed whispers of excitement.  While two thirds of the audience was female there was enough of a masculine presence to make Kiele smile to herself.  There was something about this place that made her sixth sense send tingles down her spine.  She coiled her power about her core and prepared, letting only a trickle leak out.


In the time before they had been exiled to the mainland she had guarded and protected her Ohanko from predators of all kinds.  She could easily sense the lust and admiration coming from the women and even some of the men in the audience.  It was to be expected but there was a dark ribbon floating through that made her nostrils quiver.  A hunter who thought to find an easy meal was lingering nearby.  A tiny smile lifted the corner of her mouth just before Rogers stepped to the mic in the darkness.  This would be an interesting night.


“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Velvet Box.”  Rogers voice grew richer as he took on the role of MC.  When he partnered with the two island folk he had not realized just what he had found.  Being a Pixie he had thought to trick them but when they had sung to him he found himself entranced like never before.  They apologized and released him from the spell and in the end they made a bargain, one he had found quite profitable and enlightening to him.


He raised one finger and let just a touch of his own brand of magic slowly bring up the music as he introduced the opening act.  “From the distant islands of fire and wave, I give you…KIELE!”  

****Just a tease of an important scene.    Hope I get more done soon

Mid week drabbles

Yup even more of them…they never end!


The Temple to the Moon

by Lisa Williamson

Once long ago we filed up the stairs to the temple.  Once long ago we worshiped by the moon but now it has all changed.  We live in our cities, so very close together and we ignore the past.  We ignore the Moon and all she means to us.

My dreams I climb those stairs and I pray to the moon.  I make my prayers and ask for understanding of the world.  I wish to understand how we came to this place.  How we came to stop looking for the magic in our world and stopped praying to the moon.



What is really there

by Lisa Williamson

So many of them, stacked to the ceiling.  I put the edges out so no one could see the titles.  Magic within the pages, if the right one is pulled free.  Pull the wrong one and you will get a surprise.

The stack doesn’t look like books to everyone.  Some of your see stacks of gold wrapped chocolate and some of you just see yellow bricks but look again.  Stretch out your senses and reach for the magic.  In the stack there are three books that will teach you all you need to know about the unseen world around us.


So many images, so few words.  Course another author took it to the extreme by saying create a scene in just SI WORDS!  Damn that is hard.

Sun Shining. Wind blowing.  Great day.

Not so good but I have only done two of these!

ack to fun little drabbles

Drabbling is really just too much fun.  It tests the ability to write something short and to the point.  Hopefully evocative too.  I have a bunch more and I think I will do some this afternoon but for now.


Wedding blossoms

by Lisa Williamson


Come and join us together.  Hand to hand and grasp the blossom.  Walk the beach toward the water and see just what waits for you all in the dawn.  Raise your hands and your voices, greet the morning as you join together as one.  Life is for living and you will live together forever.


What is that?  You have places to be, things to do?  Well that is too bad, you are here and now you will stay.  You have the blossom and your hand is in mine.  So don’t fight it my dear for you are now mine, forever..



Ring of magic

by Lisa Williamson


Holding a world in your hands, the light that can be so bright.  I can see at this moment  the sun, glowing inside the ring.  Its light making the runes glow around the edge.  I speak the words and the light slowly fills my palm.


Far below do they see my eyes looking at them?  Have they made legends of the face in the sky or do they even notice me here?  I would close my fingers but I am enthralled watching this tiny world sitting in my hands.  Am I their god or just a mystery in the sky?


Dreaming in grass

by Lisa Williamson


The sun is so warm, the grass so green.  Lying here I rest my eyes for a little, just letting the world fill me with its wisdom.  You told me that I could not do it, could not feel the life around me.


Why did you think that?  Was it my red lips or the color on my lids?  It doesn’t matter because your were wrong.  The tall reeds of the field tickle my skin as I let my mind drift down into the deep, dark earth.  Nothing you can say will take from me my connection to the world

Haven’t done one of these in a while

Yup I haven’t made a book cover in a bit.  Since the weather was funky and then my keyboard and mouse where hijacked for a really good reason (yes really!) I haven’t been working like I should but I did get a nice cover made up for Blackbird.  I think I have an okay series title but it like everything is subject to change if I think it is too boring.


blackbird  Now to make ones up for the other three finished titles I have.  I might even do one for Sudden Disappearances but I won’t be putting that out as a stand alone for months.