Since I Have been so busy getting anthologies and collections out I haven’t really written as much as I should.  but I have added more to Blackbird.  This should hopefully be done some time in July and then I can decide where to publish it.


I flew up from the mast as the ship docked, flying up the craggy cliff toward the house I could see there.  I could feel eyes on me even there.  Flying fast was all I could do.  You see a blackbird is not a strong hunter, more often than not they become food for the hawks and other things.  Blackbirds belong in gardens and glens, not on the seashore or the rocky crags.


I swooped and darted as a  shadow chased me.  It let out a cry that was like ice though my veins.  I did not know this place but I had to get away, find a place to hide.  So it was that I was surprised by a loud qwork and the thunder of black wings that flashed between me and the creature chasing me.  A raven beat its wings at the creature that chased me, allowing me to find a place to hide.  I slipped over the parapet of the castle at the top of the hill and down into an open window in the tower.


Finally I came to rest on a beam high up near the ceiling.  I did not know a bird could jump when startled but I did when a voice came from behind me.  “Randal saved you sailor man, be glad that he did.”


I craned my head and looked at the shadow behind me.  There perched in the shadows was a flash of gold and it took me a moment to focus on it.  Smaller than I was the creature I saw.  A golden bird sat there, a thrush I think.  She was a lovely and proud little thing and she somehow made a snorting nose at my startlement.


“Who is Randal?”  Yes I was not truly paying attention but then it is hard to think when adrenaline filled your body from fright.


“The Raven you silly man.”  Her voice was melodic, like the wonder of the sun rising.  Pure and golden to match the feathers that covered her.  She moved to the side and the raven flew down and took what I would call a stance of a guardian had he been a man.


I bowed my head to the raven, “Then I thank you sir Raven for saving me.”


He looked at me out of one black eye and then fluffed his feathers and settled down.  Not a word did he say, letting the thrush do the talking.  “You have not long been in feathers have you sailorman?”


Got to love were music can take you huh?