Yup I do all of those.  Usually I give you a bit of a story in the works and I will today too.  I have started research for a new batch of tales and found a neat little tale that I will be expanding if I can find some peace and quiet today.  Lots of ghost stories are out there and using them for the basis of a collection is not plagerism..it is research.  Something I actual enjoy doing.

The tale I dug up this morning is the Tragedy of the Black Bridge.  Back home just down the river from the bridge into Hudson was two concrete pillers that used to hold a rail road bridge,  Now I remember my grandmother telling me something about my grandfather and that bridge but today I pulled up an article about a derailment that happened there in the 1950s.  Now this makes sense as my grandfather passed away around 1956 according to my mom.  He was a police officer back then and I have a feeling that the tale my grandmother never fully told me has something to do with this derailment.  Seems that since then down by the water people have reported hearing children laughing and playing where there were no children.  So you can see where this might go right?

My research online for Barrie stories has not hit a spark yet but I have noticed a lot of the stories seem to be set in the 1990s…which is interesting.  That is within the lifetime of a lot of the people I know.  I think i need to look up more the local legends and see what that sparks in me.

Now I did say I would put up an excerpt so I guess I should…but instead I will add in a drabble.  A drabble for those not in  the know is a story of exactly 100 words.  Usually they are inspired by an image and they can be of any genre or style.  As usual mine hit that odd place between reality and fantasy.




The Road

by Lisa Williamson


The moon before me and the road behind.  Long my journey yet short the time I can travel.  I walked the roads to reach my destination yet it never comes nearer.  I am not sure how I ended up on the Road or how I can leave it.  I once remembered but for some reason with each step I find myself forgetting.

Forgetting why, forgetting where and just forgetting who I am.  How did I end up here, walking?  Why am I walking this road, so far from anywhere, so far from you? I guess I will just keep walking.


There you go a simple drabble.  They are a fun way to exercise your mind.  Why not try doing one?