Yet trying to work but dang it is hard with the storms passing by.  If you are smart you shut down your machine and sit out the thunder and lightening.  Of course usually storms move through quickly but yesterday not so much.  I did get some good stuff written on Blackbird though…a twist I was not expecting in fact.  I swear I don’t write these things, they write themselves by highjacking my fingers!  Well here you excerpt from my work yesterday.


I opened my beak to beg her to change this spell when the thrust fluttered down next to me.  Her sweet voice was dripping with scorn.  “So you lie again, sister.”  She darted her beak down into the soft flesh of Mary’s hand, who pulled it back with a hiss of her own.  “Tell him the truth sister.  Tell him why you turned him into a bird.”


Mary growled softly at her sister and then sucked briefly on the wound.  “Fine Margaret, you want me to break his heart even more?  Was it not bad enough you let your Randal suffer his fate?”


“The truth sister!”  Margaret thrust her beak back toward me and quickly rubbed the blood from it onto my face.


I wanted to yell at Margaret, tell her to stop but something odd was happening.  The Mary I knew and loved was slowly leeching out of the face before me.  Whether it was the coppery blood in the air or maybe it was my mind growing sharper from the days as a bird the magic was fading.  The flawless skin faded away and Mary slowly aged from the young dewy maiden to a woman closer to the age of my parents.  “What foulness is this?”


“Nothing but the glamour being removed sailorman.”  Margaret softly told me and then a song of utter beauty filled the air about me.


The song was pure and full of gentle magic that I could feel.  Unlike the magic I had felt since I was transformed this was warm and soft.  I can only remember the pain from the twisting of my essence from the first spell.  The feeling of something being torn from my soul and a darkness that descended down on me was firmly set in my memories.  This song attempted to fill the void that I had been ignoring for the past three weeks.


“Margaret must you do this every time?”  Mary’s voice seemed harsh now.  “He is no more worthy of your sacrifice than your Randal was.  Just leave him to his fate and me to mine.   You will not regain your place this way.”