Yup I think that is where I am going.  Okay I will toss between my Death Walks Through series and the as of yet unnamed fantasy romance series of short stories.  Different than what I have been doing for sure.  I need to toss things up right?  And why not?  Nothing like keeping your readers on their toes.  Okay more keeping me on my toes.  So here is an excerpt from the story  I will work on after Blackbird (I hope)


Singer of the Blood song

by Lisa Williamson


Sitting in the quiet darkness, her eyes just a dark pool watching him.  Just him.  Silently supporting his talent with her presence. One true fan of the new voice.  She mouthed each word as he sang, as he spoke and she held her breath for the endless moment before the applause began.  She drank in the pleasure that lit his face and smiled when his searching eyes found hers.  Only two souls knew who the songs were sung for, who inspired the words.  And only two understood  the pain and deep love those words called forth.


As the crowd cheered and the stage door jills moved toward his perch on the stage, she moved back and deeper in the shadows.  She didn’t watch the young lovelies press against him nor did she listen to the promises they made.  The women tried to play the age old game but none of them would be going home with him this night.


Only she would be.   She stepped out of the club and turned to walk around the side.  Her car was parked in the back.  Where he could slip out and not be followed by  his new fans.  They had done this many times.  Playing the small clubs across the north eastern states had been both a joy and a learning experience for them both.




Ohanko sighed with relief as the doors shut behind him.  He found the night’s performance had pulled more  out of him than he expected.  Looking about he smiled when he spotted the sleek, black car, idling just a few feet away.


He picked up his guitar and headed toward it.  Inside he knew would be Kiele, his island flower.  She was delicate and loving, she was always there, waiting for him. As he slid into the soft leather interior of their one luxury he rested his head back and smiled.  “As always,” he leaned over and kissed her waiting lips.


She lifted her soft hand and gently caressed his tired face.  “Tough night, wasn’t it?”