When writing odd tales that have things like a language you don’t know it is really good to have friends.  If those friends on the web…well who says they can’t help?  I needed Latin for some spell craft and I do not speak, read or know those words but as you can see by this little piece of the tale, The words are found and I thank my friend for her help


Frango una pestem et alius inverto

Pluma ad cutem

Avis ad hominem

Pestem inverto

Ex mea voluntam


As I spoke the last syllable the magic cracked and the stone in my claws turned to dust.  A strong wind picked up and swirled the dust about my form and I felt a tearing and a influx of energy as my body twisted and grew.  It hurt with a pain that I can not explain.  It was both horrible and wonderful at the same time.  The flash of power and light lasted only a single breath but when it dimmed I was once more a man.  Naked as the day I was born but that did not matter.  With a roar I jumped forward and tore the golden pendant from Michael’s throat.


I did not pay attention to what was going on with Mary behind me but it did not matter.  What mattered was that I needed to complete my task, to finish the spells.  I dug the blue stone out of the soft gold and then spoke the second spell that I had memorized.


Moveo formam

Frango carmen


Ad magum verus


The blue stone disintegrated just like the amber stone from before.  This time the magic spun about not just the golden thrush form of Margaret but about the tall form of Michael.  As I watched his form twisted and shrunk down from man to bird.  He did not finish up in the form of a red winged blackbird that I had been for almost a full turning of the moon.  No he turned into the smaller, rustier copy of Randal’s from.  A crow instead of blackbird or raven.