Going from a true fantasy like Blackbird to this more paranormal romance so I had to switch the way my mind works.  This is going slower than I hoped but that is nothing new right?  Now here is a little bit of the tale…a taste


Monica leaned back in her soft leather desk chair and smiled when the manager walked out with promises to get his client to extend his stay.  Ohanko was a beautiful man.  Long raven wing colored hair, deep mysterious brown eyes and skin like burnished copper.  He was tall and lean and his stage clothes let a woman drool over the ripped body that the leather barely covered.


If he had been what the audience thought it would be more than enough reason to keep him on.  When texts and tweets flooded out about his appearance at her club business had tripled.  Just that alone would be enough to keep her happy but Monica knew he was more.


When the last of her employees knocked on the door to tell her he was locking up she nodded and gestured it was all right for him to leave.  “Do you need anything else tonight boss?”


Henry was wide in the shoulders and tall but like all her employees he was more than he seemed.  Stronger than he appeared and actually all muscle beneath the uniform of blood red polo shirt and black jeans Monica debated taking him home to bed but sent him away.  A simple night of lust was not what she was truly in the mood for.  After all she had full control of the hearts and minds of all her employees.  There was nothing to be gained by expending her time on them.


Ohanko now was something interesting.  The energy that he put out seducing the crowd to him was sweet and dark, like fine chocolate.  At first she had thought he was just a better than average singer and song writer.  Something to keep the herd of young tight bodied humans happy and content but then he switched into a song that throbbed with more than emotion.  The brush of power that flowed over her extra sensitive skin was new and unknown.  Anything new in her existence was to be explored, enjoyed and controlled.  The manager, Rogers, had no idea just what a prize he held.