Yes I should be working on Blood song today but not at the moment.  Just felt like doing some drabbling


A Walk in the morning wood.

by Lisa Williamson


Sunlight drifts down among the leaves, sparkling with wonder and imagination.  I can hear the birdsong lifting spirits low from the long night alone.  Here I walk and surrender my soul to the peace all around.  Small animals scurry by, surprising a gasp from me and then a smile.  For the world is filled with life and laughter.  We but need to take a moment, look through the trees and see the sunlight filtering away the darkness.  Can you hear the music of the world as it awakens around you or are you deaf to nature’s song? Please join me.


A simple image and a simple set of words.  Drabbles are a great way to stretch your writing muscles.  Just like the athlete knows they need to stretch before they run, the writer should do the same I think.  The wonder of the internet is how many images people post up just for the beauty of them.


Windows in my Mind

by Lisa Williamson


Dreaming or awake I see windows from here to there. I step through the window to a land unknown.  Will I see visions of magic or visions of stone?   Man’s delusions of his mastery over all or nature’s cruel whims taking things down.  Each window in my mind leads to places unimagined, filled with beings who have tales to tell and songs to sing.  I listen closely then tell them to you, I am but the radio of the worlds through the windows of my mind. Will you join me in my imagining and fly away on wings of words?


Each tale can be as different as the image and that is the fun of drabbles.  Each and every storyteller will look at the image in different ways.  We write from deep inside ourselves and each day we write something different.


Bridge into my mind

by Lisa Williamson


Follow me into my imagination.  Are you brave enough walk this bridge, to see the world in ways not thought of before?  Are you willing to hear the story unfold without prejudice or disdain?  For I am the teller of the tales, the mad writer who can not stop, will not give up.  Stories are the life’s blood of the writer and we bleed on the paper or screen to give you a glimpse of what might have been, what could be or what really is.  Come with me and see the world as I do, step into the fog.



There you go.  Three drabbles..okay they are a little personal but that is the fun of drabbles.  Writing them only takes a moment of time but the images can stay with you for a long time.  If they are written well.