I’m so tired today so I think I will just drop a few drabbles you way find readers.



Green Magic morning

by Lisa Williamson


The glow in the sky matches that underneath the water at my feet.  Rich in greens and golds the lady Earth has pulled back her skirts to show the magic below and above us.  Only one this day and this place can a simple man see what she hides inside.  Long have I searched for the meaning of life, of the wonders that make life worth living but today she showed me.  A simple thing really, that we are al part of the life that surrounds and makes us.  Bodies, minds and spirits are bound with the world around us.




The Oak and the Ivy

by Lisa Williamson

Brothers and sisters listen to my tale of love and magic.  Deep in the golden wood if you pay attention you just might see them.  The Lord Oak who holds in his strong brown arms the flexible Ivy.  He holds her strong and tight as she wraps him in the vines of her hair.  Slowly they delve into each other but in the end only one will survive.  Wile the mighty Oak win or will the wily Ivy take him down to the ground?  You have only to look and you will see them loving the day away. Can you?




Master of the Wind

by Lisa Williamson


Here I stand, master of the herd.  My eye is bright and focused for I must look for danger at all times.  Man tried to claim my heart but he was not able.  I am freedom unbound and master of the land and wind.  There is magic where I tread and thunder in my hoofs.  Gods made me and I will be ridden by no man.  My foals are strong and will be gifted only to the brave,  Are you one of the Brave?  If you are then come to me and test your mettle.  A gift you could obtain.



Hope you have enjoyed my little bits of magic and wonder.  Drabbles are a great exercise for a weary writer’s mind.