Yup I am at it again


Voice of the Hunt

by Lisa Williamson


I sing to the moon, to the stars, to let the world know me.  The world is wide and I am small, a wolf in the mist.  Some day soon I will be gone, for man has taken my home.  No more the free run of forests primeval, no more food to feed my family.


I am the spirit of the wild, of strength and the hunt.  Will you miss me when I am gone?  Will you even notice the hole in the very world?  We co-exist peacefully until you see me in the forest, then my days are numbered.



The Tree

by Lisa Williamson © 2013


So lonely I sit as the stars flash by.  Once I had sisters, brothers and friends, then the water came.  We loved the feel of the lapping of the waves, so cool and perfect but they didn’t stop.  Washing away all my family, the animals and the land about me.  Now I am all that remains.  The sky, it has become so bright.  Stars I have never seen before fill that sky, planets roll by and wink at me as I wait.  Will I wash away like the rest or it is my fate to sit here watching the sky?



Oh Honey!

by Lisa Williamson

“I know I’m late but happy Valentine’s day. I love you”

She turned around and her eye grew wide, arms spread as she looked at her mate and teh wonderful dinner he just brought home.  “Oh Honey!  I love you.  BTW we’re pregnant again!”

Harold’s fur lifted up and he stared off into space, his beady eyes glazing over.  He had thought they were past having more kits.  He had just spent the last of their savings on a secret little get away.

“Oh my.  Well I’m glad you like them sweetie.”

“I hope I can sell it,” he thought.