Drabbling is really just too much fun.  It tests the ability to write something short and to the point.  Hopefully evocative too.  I have a bunch more and I think I will do some this afternoon but for now.


Wedding blossoms

by Lisa Williamson


Come and join us together.  Hand to hand and grasp the blossom.  Walk the beach toward the water and see just what waits for you all in the dawn.  Raise your hands and your voices, greet the morning as you join together as one.  Life is for living and you will live together forever.


What is that?  You have places to be, things to do?  Well that is too bad, you are here and now you will stay.  You have the blossom and your hand is in mine.  So don’t fight it my dear for you are now mine, forever..



Ring of magic

by Lisa Williamson


Holding a world in your hands, the light that can be so bright.  I can see at this moment  the sun, glowing inside the ring.  Its light making the runes glow around the edge.  I speak the words and the light slowly fills my palm.


Far below do they see my eyes looking at them?  Have they made legends of the face in the sky or do they even notice me here?  I would close my fingers but I am enthralled watching this tiny world sitting in my hands.  Am I their god or just a mystery in the sky?


Dreaming in grass

by Lisa Williamson


The sun is so warm, the grass so green.  Lying here I rest my eyes for a little, just letting the world fill me with its wisdom.  You told me that I could not do it, could not feel the life around me.


Why did you think that?  Was it my red lips or the color on my lids?  It doesn’t matter because your were wrong.  The tall reeds of the field tickle my skin as I let my mind drift down into the deep, dark earth.  Nothing you can say will take from me my connection to the world