Yup even more of them…they never end!


The Temple to the Moon

by Lisa Williamson

Once long ago we filed up the stairs to the temple.  Once long ago we worshiped by the moon but now it has all changed.  We live in our cities, so very close together and we ignore the past.  We ignore the Moon and all she means to us.

My dreams I climb those stairs and I pray to the moon.  I make my prayers and ask for understanding of the world.  I wish to understand how we came to this place.  How we came to stop looking for the magic in our world and stopped praying to the moon.



What is really there

by Lisa Williamson

So many of them, stacked to the ceiling.  I put the edges out so no one could see the titles.  Magic within the pages, if the right one is pulled free.  Pull the wrong one and you will get a surprise.

The stack doesn’t look like books to everyone.  Some of your see stacks of gold wrapped chocolate and some of you just see yellow bricks but look again.  Stretch out your senses and reach for the magic.  In the stack there are three books that will teach you all you need to know about the unseen world around us.


So many images, so few words.  Course another author took it to the extreme by saying create a scene in just SI WORDS!  Damn that is hard.

Sun Shining. Wind blowing.  Great day.

Not so good but I have only done two of these!