Well I got some writing done..finally…which is a good thing.  So here you go readers…a tiny bit of Singer of the Bloodsong


The lights dimmed down till only the small twinkle lights along the floor illuminated the room and the people crowded around the small tables spoke in hushed whispers of excitement.  While two thirds of the audience was female there was enough of a masculine presence to make Kiele smile to herself.  There was something about this place that made her sixth sense send tingles down her spine.  She coiled her power about her core and prepared, letting only a trickle leak out.


In the time before they had been exiled to the mainland she had guarded and protected her Ohanko from predators of all kinds.  She could easily sense the lust and admiration coming from the women and even some of the men in the audience.  It was to be expected but there was a dark ribbon floating through that made her nostrils quiver.  A hunter who thought to find an easy meal was lingering nearby.  A tiny smile lifted the corner of her mouth just before Rogers stepped to the mic in the darkness.  This would be an interesting night.


“Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Velvet Box.”  Rogers voice grew richer as he took on the role of MC.  When he partnered with the two island folk he had not realized just what he had found.  Being a Pixie he had thought to trick them but when they had sung to him he found himself entranced like never before.  They apologized and released him from the spell and in the end they made a bargain, one he had found quite profitable and enlightening to him.


He raised one finger and let just a touch of his own brand of magic slowly bring up the music as he introduced the opening act.  “From the distant islands of fire and wave, I give you…KIELE!”  

****Just a tease of an important scene.    Hope I get more done soon