I had planned on finishing up this tale but finding I lost 14 pages of work really really annoyed the heck out of me.  So today and tomorrow i will need to work on rewriting this tale.  It will be part of the Mythos of Love series.


The valley between the peaks wasn’t deep but it held secrets.  A place not easily found unless you knew the way.  It was kept secret by wind, water and snow.  Sara cried herself to sleep most nights.  In part it was a release from days of her work, only deep inside did she admit that the other part was a loneliness so deep the nothing filled the gap.  This far from the big cities she lived alone but not totally.  Years ago she started taking in stray animals.

First it was a pair of dogs, left in a park, tied up, as their master drove away.  When she found them they were ragged, starving and frightened of everything.  She patiently calmed them down and cut them free.  It only took a week of healthy food and loving attention and they were happy dogs again.  She tracked down the owner from the tags, using a few simple programs she had him blacklisted at every pet store and breeder in his state.  He would never again own a pet.  Over the years she had made many trips into the forest about her valley.  This led to trips into the city at the foot of the mountain.

The storm echoed about the mountain tops.  Thunder roared so loud that the smaller animals shook in their dens, the larger huddled together for protection.  Sara drove her old truck across her valley.  She only went out because she needed to check on the denning greyhounds, the newest of her rescue dogs.  She had them a bit away from the others.  Greyhounds were always a bit high strung, race rescues more so.

The rain was coming down pretty hard, so she was traveling slowly.  When the lightening struck off to her left she swerved and pulled to a shaking stop.  “Damn that was close,” Sara mumbled.  Storms were always intense in her lands but normally she stayed inside.  As the sky lit up again her eyes grew wide.  In the middle of the road stood a pale form that slowly crumpled to the ground.  Scrambling out of the truck, she quickly flipped up the hood of her slicker and dashed to the figure’s side.

Lying in the mud was a long, lean figure, dressed only in a pair of ragged jeans.  She knelt down and reached toward a bare shoulder.  She could feel heat coming from the figure’s skin.  She paused a moment and then turned him over.

The next flash of light made her gasp.  Beneath shoulder length locks of wet brown hair she could see a fine boned, handsome face.  “Whoa,” she whispered.  He slowly opened dazed dark eyes and curled up slowly, shuddering.


There isn’t too much more of this tale, there was before all the screw ups but I will get this caught up soon