Yes I mentioned earlier this week I lost a ton of a story I was working on.  At the moment I seem to have three Mythos of love stories in the works.  I just can’t focus on one tale at time seems right?  Well it leads to a lot of different fun things.  Here you go, this is a litte of what I rewrote for Four Dragons Valley.


Morning comes early when you live in a cup valley with many animals.  Yvette was up with the sun.  Slipping on a old pair of sneakers, a ragged tshirt and cut off shorts she headed out to tend to her animals.  The dawn brought with it a energy that made her smile.  The rain had washed the valley clean and she could smell the fresh growth that always followed.  She knew that it was odd but her connection to this valley was more than she could explain to anyone if they asked.


Watching the sunrise was one of her favorite times of the day.  The colors that broke over the surrounding mountains, lifting the mist that hung there just before each dawn.  She would do a series of yoga stretches and then head out to feed her friends.  Even though she had a night of interrupted sleep and odd dreams she felt energized that morning and was through her chores in record time.  She strolled back and in decided to bring her patient breakfast.  She quickly fried up eggs and bacon, hoping that he was like most men she remembered.


Charlie was still acting a bit odd but he forgave her when she tossed him a piece of bacon.  Gathering the tray she headed down the hall to the guest room.



Obviously this little bit is totally rough.  I have more in the works and who knows how this romance will turn out.  My hero of the piece, Benjamin, is more than he seems and the heroine, Yvette has parts of herself she has yet to find