I have been so busy doing so much that I need to take time and slow down..so how about these?



Walking the bridge between here and where?

by Lisa Williamson


The fog is too thick to see past.  The road continues on, the bridge is the only path I can take.  I know not where I will go but I must follow this path.  Will they be on the other side?  Did he wait for me like he promised?

When I started this quest the world was bright and filled with laughter but as time moved on I lost touch with those who made me smile.  Now I just want them back.  I have walked this path so long, will it never end?




11:05 AM

by Lisa Williamson


I watched in terror as the steel beam above the engine came loose.   It was supposed to be a grand day.  The new, state of the art double engine that could pull three times as many cars and it was in danger of destruction.  The crowd of men, all in their fancy top hats and tails screamed and pointed as the creatures from nightmare reached through the hole they made to pluck the engineers who had climbed up to cheer in pride at their massive folly.  I could have told them not to celebrate man’s accomplishments but they didn’t listen.