Yup I have been putting down new ideas.  Things that force their way into my mind when I am trying to work on something else.  If I don’t write them down then they will haunt me in my sleep.  But for now…a drabble would be nice don’t you think?


Dumb Feast

by Lisa Williamson

The table is set, candles are lit, the wine has been poured and dinner is warming in the pan.  Sit with me my love, tell me of your day and how you are.  It has been so long my love since we sat together of a fine glass and I miss you.

I know you can’t say much, that time runs away from you but on this one night in the year you can.  Tell me why, why you left me so alone.  Lift the glass, wet you throat and tell me why you left me here for an eternity.

(for those who don’t know a Dumb Feast is an old Victorian custom where on special days like Christmas Eve the bereaved would set up a feat for a lost loved one.  The legend is they would come and dine with you at midnight.  You could ask them three questions.)



The End of Days

by Lisa Williamson

The darkness covered what was left of a once thriving city.  The smoke from fires that burned unchecked, filled the air with soot.  The heavy clouds held the threat of rain but no promise.  No longer did the rain cleanse the air and land for man had left more poisons than could be washed away.

Once we ruled the Earth, once we controlled all we could grasp.  Those days are behind us now.  All we can do is watch as our world dissolves down to rust, iron running like blood upon a diseased corpse.  See now the mark of man.

(Just did this one for part of the Writer’s Stuff daily Drabbles)