Yup another Monday is before us.  I have so much to do.  Covers to make, notes to type up, a forward and blurb to write, ideas to perk for three anthologies and of course more writing.  It is what I do right?  So how about something short and fun today?  Well if not funny they  are quick right?


The Hard Working Hamster

by Lisa Williamson

 Ninety Nine, one hundred.  There I told her I could do it.  No one thinks that hamsters have muscles but we do.  We work out hard to keep our sleek cuteness.  Now those gerbils let me tell you they just run around in the balls and hide stuff.  Really how good is that?  I have the softer fur and the brighter eyes.  So you tell me this, why was I the last one chosen?  Aren’t I good enough?  I eat right and I do my exercises, even take the cuteness classes…so why or why did Charlie the gerbil win huh?

***Yeah it is silly of course but I do write silly from time to time.  And now another one!



The Porch

by Lisa Williamson

 The sun is warm and the tea is cold.  I sit in my chair watching the world go by.  The soft breezes rustle the leaves making the shadows dance across the porch.  Summer slides up slowly to melt the cold from my bones and remind me that life is worth living.  Time seems to slow as the flowers bloom and the birds sing. 

 The winter has been too cruel, taking with it those closest to me, leaving me alone in the dark.  Now that the sun has returned I can sit and watch the world return to hope.


I have been organizing my images and drabbles and I think i may have lost a few…I have more images than drabbles!