Normally I would be doing a lot more but the humidity is making my joints scream.  So here are some drabbles i have in my files.  Enjoy!


Tree of little life

by Lisa Williamson

Life makes a way not matter the conditions.  The water lapping gently against the rock teases the roots of my being.  I reach to the sky with arms so small yet so strong.  Within me there is strength and vibrancy that you can see and feel if you take a moment of time.  Green is my blood and brown is my bone, I am life and wonder and all that surrounds your world.  Come drift upon the waters and brush against my being, today we are brothers in the soul of imagination.  Can you find in yourself a new dream?


And one more for you wonderful readers

f0569296 (this is one of my photographs)

Eating in the Sun

by Lisa Williamson

Here I sit in the green, hungry.  The dandelion tastes so sweet and the sun is so bright.  I have but moments to chew before the children see me.  Can I finish my treat before I get chased around the hill?  I hope I do.

Why do they chase me to and fro?  Every day I have to run.  From man and boy, woman and girl.  From dog and cat and even the hawk above.  I run and run and hide. slipping down my rabbit hole. Why can’t they leave me be and let me just nibble on this dandelion?