Yup I am tossing out what I wrote yesterday completely and starting over.  So here are more of my drabbles…enjoy


What is that I see?

by Lisa Williamson

Is that the Sun?  Has it finally returned to my life, my world?  For so long I have walked toward the darkened sky, hiding beneath this umbrella, avoiding the rain.  The grey has taken over all that I see and closed the hearts and minds all around.  But the darkness is lifting I think, I hope.  The Sun rising in the east breaking through the mist or is it?  Is that the Sun or the Moon but should it matter?.  Sun or Moon, day or night I will trust that the truth is what I see.  Finally the mist dissolves.


And a second one, hopefully less dark



Temple in the sun

by Lisa Williamson

The cool water reflected the azure sky as I drifted relaxed and calm.  The temple filled me with a sense of serenity that I could find no where else.  This place so far from my normal daily life of need and want filled me with peace.  No snow, no ice and no one yelling at me to get things done.

Wish that I could stay in this quiet place.  To lie in the sun and listen to the water lap against the stone would be heaven.  But it is just a dream for palm trees do not grown on ice.