Well August is almost over and I have decided I waited long enough to release these three stories.

Since August ends on Monday and this weekend is a holiday I decided I would release the three stories I had been holding onto.   Three different tales from three different series

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ETCI3OK Not Just Another Morning of Business, Guardians of the Gate City side story 1:  Sheldon is one of Harry’s friends, a dragon who deals in information.  He is not having a good morning.

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ETP6812 Now and Forever (Mythos of Love, #3): Sometimes the pledge you make to your Lord is not what you expected

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ETCIRKU The Pest House, Death Walks Through 9: Pest houses are where they took those very contagious to get better or die but not everyone taken there were sick.


Now I have been a good hard working writer too.  Here is a little bit of Rebirth


He awoke to that glow.  Standing in the dark, it took him a long seemingly endles time to be able to focus.  The first thing that he saw was a pair of golden eyes.   As Malcom opened his mouth he heard the rustle of feathers.  “You you remember brother?”

The voice was rich, odd and deep yet familiar.  “Remember?”  Malcolm asked.

A tale bronze haired man stepped forward, dressed in leathers of  shade darker than his hair.  Though Malcolm blinked slowly the eyes before him looked just like the eagle from before.  He spread his hands and the rustle of feathers grew louder.  A dim light came from around his form and as Malcolm watched a pair of bronze wings filled the space around the almost stronger.


Yes there is a lot more but well I have to type it up!

And finally I said I would toss in another drabble…so why not?


Sitting and waiting

by Lisa Williamson

The bench sits just back from the path.  Here I can look over the cliffs and see the land so far away.  The rocks to my left and the scrub brush to my right.  It is odd how different it is.  The bench used to be surrounded by trees and tall grasses, flowers that bloomed in high summer but then man came along, plowed them down.  Why they did it I did not ask.  I just stayed in my place and watched.  They Left nothing here but the light covering of snow that fell while I was sitting and waiting.