With the Secrets anthology nearing completion I am turning my attention to writing stories for some other books.  The Secrets collection by the way will be titled Behind the Door and we should have the cover soon.  Okay to be honest I have the cover art and I am just waiting on the authors names to put it together for the group.

But as I said I am working on stories for other books.  We are going to be doing another Halloween anthology and I need to make sure I don’t go over board on the word count for it.  This should be fun.

But since I don’t have a good excerpt yet for that tale how about a bit from Possibilities?  A different vampire tale.


Patty licked her lips and smiled.  “Jamison’s?”  When he nodded she took the glass from his hand, her long black painted nails lightly caressing his fingers.  She tossed it back and then took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.  “Damn fine drink.  Thank you.”  She looked him over, much like he had her, taking in his dark good looks, the glint of silver around his throat and the fine rich colors of his shirt and tight as sin jeans.  “Name’s Patty.”


Jimmy leaned back and hid his smile.  This redhead was going to be such a treat.  He could feel more energy coming off her than he had in a long time.  The modern women he had hunted tended to be shallow and ultimately left him hungrier.  More like fast food than the true gourmet dinner that he longed for.  “Tell me something, lovely.” He poured a bit more of his come hither at her.  Her reaction was almost too easy.  The deep breath she took in brought his eyes from hers to those lovely breasts.  Each breath caused her blouse to part, not fully but enough to flash just a hint of purple lace and the shadow of a nipple.  “Why don’t we blow this place?”  He stared deeply into her eyes and smiled as her lashes fluttered and her cheeks flushed.


Normally he took more time to cut a doe out of the herd but this woman was making his teeth itch.  He wanted to sink into her and savor her flavors and he saw no reason to play games.  It had been too long since he feed fully from a truly remarkably fresh woman.  She smelled, even across the table, like the very best whisky and beef.  Like flowers and flesh, under satin sheets or more like a woman in need of a man.  He kept himself for inhaling too deeply there in the dark bar.  It was hard but she stirred him in ways both ancient and modern.  There was something both untouched and intense about her.


Deep in his mind he knew he should be careful.  There were rumors among his kind of a hunter on the streets of the old city.  Of a hunter using a pure one as bait for his kind, but this woman was dressed like a businesswoman out on the prowl, there was no way she was one of the fabled Pure ones.  She was just a tasty treat who walked her way into the wolf’s lair.  There was nothing marking her as off limits.


If you want more you will just have to wait.  I have to do editing and then come up with a series title for this little gem and of course the lovely cover.  Unless I turn it into one of those waiting anthologies out there.