I am having a crisis of the writing kind.  Too many story beginnings but not enough story finishes.  This little tale will be part of my submission to this years Halloween short story collection…I hope!


Cemetery Games

by Lisa Williamson

Every town has a built in ghost story.  Legends of things that go bump in the night or scary old abandoned house fill the stories that the teenagers tell each other as the year comes down toward its end.  Just outside of Dunstable, Mass is one such place.

Teenagers from miles around dare each other to spend the night in the Blood Cemetery.  The legend is that the tiny cemetery is where the infamous Captain Blood, pirate king was buried.  Any night when the sky is clear a handful of teens will wander down and do their best to scare each other with spooky sounds and popping up from behind tombstones.  Most of them get through the night with nothing more than another teen startling them but there are night that keep the legend alive.


“Come on Jessica.  This is so lame.”  The pretty redhead let out a heavy, put on sigh.  “We should just pack it in.  Jimmy’s party should be in full swing now.”  She started back toward the break in the wall around the graveyard.


Jessica shook her head, keeping her eyes on the infared camera screen.  “You promised, Kelly.”  While she was dressed warmly and comfortably, Kelly had showed up in a costume.  At twenty she was still more a kid than an adult but Jessica had hoped that by agreeing she would be helpful.  She studied the screen intently, mostly ignoring her best friend.  There was something here, she could feel it.

Kelly rolled her eyes, playing with the tail of the costume she was dressed in.  “I know but come on.”  She waved a hand vaguely at the small graveyard.  “Look at this place, its just so old school.  I doubt there is anything here for you to film.”  She turned and pointed at a single stone that was glowing softly in the darkness.  “Like come on!  Some one obviously came here earlier and spray painted some luminescent paint on that stone.”  She snorted and started to stomp off again.

Jessica turned, keeping her camera focused as best she could.  “I’m getting a temp drop over there Kel.  Give me…”

“No.  I came out here with you but this is just too lame.  I’m going to the party.  If you want to be some type of Parapsychologist/ghost hunter go right ahead but I have a life.”  She stopped suddenly and started to stutter.  “Je…Jes…Jessica,” she pointed and then made a dash for the road.


And that is all you get to see.  All I can say is I hope it finishes up soon!