Yesterday I said I would put up some excerpts from my new works.  So why not right?

First one from Possibilities, a new story in a new series for me


He walked into the bar and looked about.  The room was much like many he had been in, small, dark and smoky.  This late there weren’t too many filling the tables and booths and he almost stepped back out to try a better spot but he spotted a woman in the shadows at the back of the bar.


A slow smile slid over a face that many would call handsome.  Strong cheekbones covered with bronzed skin under eyes that seemed to hold secrets with a simple glance.  He ran a hand through the raven locks to both settle them and to emphasize the muscles in his arm.  He was a fine specimen of a man, or so he appeared.


He nodded to the barkeep, lifting two fingers and gesturing toward the table in the back.  “Two of whatever she is drinking, Bobby.”


The barkeep snorted and shook his head.  “I wouldn’t if I were you Jimmy.  There is some bad juju around the woman sitting there.”  The beads at the ends of his braids clacked softly.


“Bad juju?”  Jimmy rolled his eyes and smiled.  “Well I doubt she has even seen anything like me my friend.”


Bobby poured him two fingers of Jamison’s into two glasses and passed them over.  “Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.”  He went back to his magazine, ignoring the curious look that was tossed his way.


Jimmy shook his head, sighed, then pasted on his patented come-hither smile and headed toward the woman in the back.  He had no idea what Bobby was talking about but now more than just his curiosity drew him to the woman.


Sitting in the shadows, Patty watched as the man chatted up the bartender.  Tall and handsome was to be expected of course.  She had yet to see one who wasn’t, these men who hit up the bars trolling for women.  He had an aura that would have the women falling into his lap like panting dogs.  She hid her smile and leaned forward as he came toward her, making sure that her cleavage was on display for him.  She had been told just what she needed to do to get attention and this part of the game was always fun.


Jimmy smiled as he noticed the lovely redhead leaning forward.  His eyes went first to the deep v of her shirt.  It was obvious that this woman knew she had a nice set of breasts and was more than willing to use them to catch attention.  No need for a pick up line here, which made him grin.  He really hated the silly words that so many seemed to need.


He slid into the bench across from his goal and smiled as he held up the two glasses of amber nectar.  “Care for a refill?”


That will be part of the Dark Games series of short stories.  Next we have a little bit from the next Mythos of Love short story, Rebirth


Gentle black clad arms held her till the world stopped spinning.  The room was dark and close and Lydia shuddered as she took a slow, deep breath.  The last thing she could remember was the wind in her hair as she drove her classic 1977 Oldsmobile Omega Brougham through the Berkshires.  The scent of the trees filled her senses one minute and the next it seemed she was here, wherever here was.


She took a series of slow breaths, trying to clear her head.  “Lydia?”  The deep voice caressed her skin and helped her focus.  She felt she should know that voice but placing it was hard.  She looked down, surprised that she was dressed in all white.  Fur, feathers and leather covered her arms and beneath her arms she focused on his hands.  They were strong looking with long fingers.  She kept looking at those hands, almost afraid to look up.


“What happened?”


Malcolm smiled at the fear in her whisper.  This woman had no reason to be afraid.  She was so much more than she knew but he understood.  “You transitioned.”  He continued.  “It will take time but you will remember sweet one.”  He brushed his lips across her temple.  “Breath for me, slowly.”  He moved one hand to her lower back and rubbed softly.


Lydia looked up into his face, seeing more clearly as each moment passed.  His eyes held hers.  Of a deep black, they promised secrets if only she looked deep enough.  She took a long deep breath and pulled her eyes from his to see the rest of his features.  Those oh so deep eyes were ringed by thick, dark lashes that would do a model proud.  His brows arched evenly below a clear broad forehead.  His cheeks were high and his nose was sharp but stopped just short of a beak.  His jaw was firm and finely dusted with the dark shadow of beard.  Not a full beard but the kind she thought you would see on those actors trying to be edgy.


She kept darting her eyes around and he watched as her brows drew together in puzzlement.  He lifted his other hand up to lightly brush his thumb over her cheek.  She unconsciously leaned into that caress, her liquid brown eyes closing as if she was taking comfort from his touch.  “That’s right, relax love. Let the memories come.”


I should have the covers for these two done by the end of the week (I hope)

And finally why not a little tease from my submission to the next Wordsmyth Halloween anthologiy?


Jessica couldn’t decide if she should be excited or scared.  Here was the proof she had been looking for.  The legend of Mary Blood had been that you would see her only on the road outside the cemetery but Jessica had been convinced that the random sightings of the woman in red was also Mary.  She kept the camera on the spirit and stepped forward.  “This is amazing,” she whispered.


The ghost shook her head at the silly young woman.  “You really should turn off your device and go home, child.  He doesn’t like trespasser here on this night.”  She stepped forward, the heels of her shoes making a distinct clicking noise as she did.  “Let’s get you out of here before He arrives.”


Jessica turned, keeping the camera on Mary and tried to question her.  “Mary, why are you here?  What kept you here?”


The ghost let out a big sigh as she herded Jessica.  “Wasn’t my choice dearie.  Family curse and all that.”  Step by step she moved Jessica toward the break in the stonewall.  Getting the girl outside of the boundary of the cemetery was important, more important than answering silly questions.


“The Curse?”  Jessica grew even more excited.  There were legends of a curse and now she would have proof.   Her professor would have to take her seriously.  The documentation was rather thin on the history of Blood cemetery.  The only documented possible ghost was Abel Blood but he was rather boring.  A staunch Christian man who had no skeletons in his closet so to speak.  Mary was from over a hundred years later than Abel Blood.


Took the legends from two different cemetery’s where I grew up and came up with what I hope is a scarier story than last years fun piece.