As you finish a new tale coming up with a cover so you can post it for sale can be fun or it can be a trial.  Today I have been lucky.  I have two covers done.  One is for the newest Author’s Choice Select Anthology and the other for the next Mythos of Love short story.

The first one all I really did was add text.  The wonderful piece of art was donated by one of the group members and is an original painting for this collection.  Working with an all ready done piece of art is much easier than designing from scratch as you can see.  This is the temp cover for now:


The second cover is for my story Rebirth.  I had a lot of fun making this.  With a little help from my ever amazing husband I think I have something really unique for a cover.


Now I just have to work up a cover for Possibilities.  Thanks to a few suggestions from the Fiction Writers Facebook group I think i may have just the thing for this cover.  Hope i can make it look really good