I have been sick the past week, so I haven’t been working on my writing like I should.  But while i have been lazing about trying to get my brain working I decided something.  I have a handful of tales that I don’t plan on selling but there is no reason I can’t post them up for free right?

Now these have been put up a few places like WattPad and Storyenet but those places don’t have a lot of readers.  So I decided since i was placing all my work up over on Smashwords why not put up these tales?  So right now Twas the Night, In Space No One Can Hear you Scream and Same Time Next Year at the Space Port Cafe are going up for free under Space Station Tales over on Smashwords.  Unlike with Shadows and Sins of the Father I am going to make those available everywhere for free as a temptation for people to try my work and hopefully buy the rest of my stories.

I also decided to put A Bargain Made With Fur up for free and make it the next selection in the Echoes of Elder Times short story series.  If I can work it out I think one free story from each series would be a good idea.  I have one other story I haven’t put up yet but I am not sure what to do on that one.  I originally thought i would put it up in the Dark Games series but it looks like that will just be my new take on vampires.  So I need to ponder a new series title for this.

but as it will take me time to ponder i thought I might as well put up the covers again for my free stories.  You can of course find them on Smashwords and soon on every retailer they send things to!


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