Now I have been working on lots of things over the past few months.  I have released short stories, drabbles, flash fiction and even a poem or three.  Thing is I have one more collection I have put together that I haven’t posted up for sale yet.  As you can image poetry books are not an easy sell.  I have only sold a few of the three titles i have up all ready.  The books are a bit different since they include many of my better photographs.

Now this book, Generations of Love, is filled with my poems about family.  Hard for me to share those and harder for me to find the right images to go with each poem.  I need a few more to have this collection finished then i have to find the courage to put it out to the world to read.

But I have made a cover for it.  Nothing too fancy, just one of my photographs with the words on it but I like it.  Should I finish this book?  Should I put it out there for people to find someday?  Who knows but I am thinking about it.