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Halloween Drabbles

Yup it is that time.  The creepy, cold and dark day that we all enjoy so much.  As a part of the day I have written a few drabbles just for today.  The First is The Pumpkin King

Let me come to you, through the wall that separates us.  Can’t you see me pressing through the white walls, through the hole I broke in the paint.  I press my eye to the opening and whisper your name.  Why don’t you see me?  Why don’t you hear me?  I am trapped between the walls, trying to fight my way free.


Yeah I know an image would have been great but do you really need to see him?



Death on a Bridge

I sit on the bridge, my cloak beside me.  So many have run from my touch, afraid of what I bring.  For my touch is cold and the last you will feel.  When darkness falls I will have to pick up my mask once more but for now I sit and enjoy the flow of water and the feel of wind on my skin.


So leave me be if you see me.  Let me relax from my endless rounds, for Death will come to you soon enough.  Let me enjoy wind and I will let you live one more night.


And finally



Walled in

Let me come to you, through the wall that separates us.  Can’t you see me pressing through the white walls, through the hole I broke in the paint.  I press my eye to the opening and whisper your name.  Why don’t you see me?  Why don’t you hear me?  I am trapped between the walls, trying to fight my way free.  Help me, please help me!  I am trapped inside the wall.  Why can’t I get free, why are you bringing that toward me? No don’t!  Don’t seal me in.  Oh god don’t seal me into the wall oh please.


Tried to make this one creepy but I am not sure it was.


A less colorful book cover

When you are writing a series of ghost type stories sometimes a full color cover is the wrong option IMO.  I have done a lot of my Death Walks Through stories.  I have ten up for sale and the eleventh I plan on dropping out there on Halloween.  As this is a bit different than the last few I thought why not do something a bit more ..well not gritty or dark…more stark I think the word would be.  So here you go.  Let me know what you think.


shadows  This tale is about one of the ghost made when the bombs dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  A sad little tale that i hope people will enjoy.

New cover for Death Comes Softly

Just finished up this tale and the cover that goes with it.  I lucked out and my hubby let me use him for the cover.



What did I just do?

I spent part of my afternoon yesterday making audio recordings of my poetry.  Yes my actual voice reading the poems I have written.  I started with my Seasons of My Mind poetry in an attempt to hopefully get some readers to purchase this book.  I wrote these poems and took the photographs in the book so I thought why not read my poems?  As an example or two I thought I would put these sound recordings up on my blog here but it seems I can’t so I have to figure out how to put them elsewhere and connect them here later.  So I figure I will give you a couple of my poems and try again in a bit.



Autumn’s hand is on the leaves,
the trees are slowing down,
soon the long winter sleep will come,
will I find my heart frozen?
Or will I change like the leaves?

Lisa Williamson © 1998


Fall Musings

Walking in the street
finding beauty
in places unexpected
flowers in a slat…..

A barrel in the rain
with light falling soft
a bird flutters down
and takes a drink…..



Wind through the leaves
whispering little voices
swiftly turning darkness
the time of endings is near

Samhaim is an end
to the natural year
get yourself ready
for winter is near

Lisa Willamson © 2011


Fall Musiings was written last year but I haven’t put in the copyright symbol yet.  All three of these are found in my Seasons of My Mind poetry collection.



Excerpt from finished work

Okay I have been doing a lot of fun stuff lately.  Finished up a lot of work makes for a very happy writer for sure.  So I thought why not give you an excerpt of Shadows On A Wall


Shadows On A Wall

A Death Walks Through short story

By Lisa Williamson


When a strong enough explosion happens those too close are vaporized in less than a breath.  Those victims go from living, breathing beings to shadows on a wall.  Their entire physical form is obliterated and the only sign that they were there is a shadow.


Though the bodies are destroyed the souls that once inhabited those bodies become lost.  Some were lucky and were trapped only a short time.  Families would come and release those they could.  Sometimes the souls would lose their grip as time wore away that final link to their past.  There are a unlucky few that have no family to release them and time has left those walls, those images behind to chain them to the place that they do not understand has disappeared.  These souls drift in the burnt out crater of what once was a beautiful city.  Eighty years ago they lost their lives but they did not have time to understand that they had.


Death’s realm is just between one life and the next.  So many trapped souls in one place was difficult for even Death to help.  One by one Death found ways to move along those trapped by that massive tragedy.  The misconception of the living was that he attended each and every death.  That He took your soul cruelly before the time you thought you should die.  Death is a kind being, he tries his best but sometimes he needs help.




Death stood on the rim of the crater and shook his head.  There in the twilight land between life and death lingered souls that knew not that they had crossed over.  Frozen unlike any others he had encountered in the centuries of mankind.  Humanity had progressed to new levels of destruction that made his job harder. Where once battles left him with a handful of souls to help this new form of war had trapped thousands in the moment of brilliant light and heat.


The suffering and agony he felt emanating from those souls overwhelmed even his stoic heart.  Here was a battlefield like no other, for the simple push of a button has destroyed more than he had ever seen.  One minute there had been men, women and children and the next his land was flooded with thousands of souls not realizing they were no longer among the living.

New releases and where to find them

As a lot of you know I have been a part of a lot of different anthologies this past year.  The fun part about this of course is new places to put my work and well new things to write about.  The down side is of course if the book doesn’t do well then people don’t see my work.

Not that I will take anything away from the wonderful collections I have been part of.  They are stimulating environments to write in for sure.  From poetry collections that raise awareness and money for charities to fun seasonal anthologies with themes to writing group anthologies I have a handful of fun tales that are only available in those books.

What I have decided is while all those anthologies are available on they are not available on the other ebook retailers that exist out there.   So since these tales won’t be seen on say Barnes and Noble, I am going to slowly release them over on B&N and ITunes till I have everything out there for purchase.

Of course you are asking why not KOBO?  At the moment KOBO is pulling all self published authors due to one woman’s really bad fiction that has caused an uproar around the planet.  Once they settle down I will go back and put in any of my tales that are not showing there.

But back to my work.  The first one I decided to put up is A Different Kind of Hunt.  This story is found in the Dark Minds Anthology on Amazon (and that is a really nice book!) I have put it up on B&N and ITunes using Draft2Digital and I have it up over on Smashwords.  It is working its way through their process to hit the other retailers that they have contracts with.

But if you wish to pick up this fun tale of shape shifters, cruel villagers and choice then go here

As always my story is only 99 cents and I have added this to the Worlds Apart short story series.

WIP Guess Who’s coming to Thanksgiving Dinner

I decided to do something lighter than my usual and I am not sure how it is going but here is an excerpt


Dinner was just about ready when one of my busboys came in.  Calling Hershel a boy was a bit of a stretch.  Ya see his people don’t have sexes, not really but what can you expect from a race evolved from Broccoli.  Okay something that looks like broccoli.  He was a great busboy but keep him away from the salad.  I mean it; you don’t want to know what he does!


Well Hershel told me that the tables were all set and that my guests had arrived.  “Guests? What guests?”  After pulling the turkey from the oven and putting the rolls into bake I wiped my hands and pushed my way through the swinging doors.


“Hey there big brother!”  I stopped in shock as I spotted not just Mikey but the whole damn clan!  I mean there was Mikey, Johnny, Whitey and little sister Sarah.


I stood with my jaw hanging as I counted heads.  There were the brothers, their spouses and kids, all standing just outside my galley.  Twenty-seven McHards from all over and I was in shock.  My jaw dropped further when a voice I had never thought to hear from again spoke up.


Pushing her way past tall and short cousins, brothers, sister in laws, nieces and nephews was the grand dame of the clan, Mary Margaret Gillcrest McHard, She had not left the homestead for as long as I could remember.  Told me when I went off to space that I was disowned.


“Grandma Mary?”


She came toward me and took my hands.  Looking me up and down, she shook her head and sighed.  “Thirty years boy.  Thirty years and you never come back and visit?”


I tried to say something but my jaw just flapped.  She grinned and wrapped her arms about me and hugged me like I was still the little boy at her knee.  “Lord above we missed you, boyo.  So show me this kitchen I have heard so much about.”


I let her lead me about just like I had when I was a sprattling and she was the head of the homestead.  She had been pushing one hundred back then and I never expected to see her again once I left home.  I mean yeah we are a long lived bunch but she was well past the age that put you in the dirt.


She was still spry, I could tell by her step.  Yes she leaned on a cane but she should have been in a rocking chair on a porch back home, not stomping her way across the deck to my kitchen.  I managed to catch up and open the doors to my sanctum sanctorum before she bustled through.  I waved off the rest of the clan, leaving them in the hands of my busboys to get settled down around the tables.  Okay might not have been wise to leave my clan to mingle with the incoming space station staff but what was I do to?


Grandma Mary stepped through and paused as she took in the gleaming palace of culinary delights I had put together over the years of working on the station.  She smiled and then went from place to place, Checking a pot here, nodding at the ovens there.  I was both proud and nervous.  This one tiny woman had taught me the basics of my craft so many years ago.  What would she think of the equipment that was far from what she used back home.


After a long moment she turned and smiled.  “My boy you have done well haven’t ye?”  She gestured at the simmering pots and nodded.  “Everything is nearly ready isn’t it?”  She started toward my quarters to take a look.


See I have everything in one place.  Kitchen,, hydroponics and of course my sleeping space are all in the same place.