Yes usually I just post up drabbles or excepts or covers but well today I thought i would babble.

I am working hard on finishing some tales.  Doing research and writing while there are kids in the house can be a trial.  Years ago i did my first book when my older daughters were little and I am surprised that i got anything done back then.  Today I only have one daughter at home but her friends are in and out of here.  On weekdays they are in school and I can get a lot done while they are but weekends..oh weekends.  There is only one of her friends here now but between the two of them I have a ton of banging and yelling and thudding and Mom this and Mom that.

I put on my working music and try to ignore them so that I get something finished.  I just had to snap at them for standing over me while I am trying to write.  It throws off the tension I am trying to build to have them ask me for candy or where is the other in their hide and seek game.

So much I need to do and it seems my ability to be patient is fading!


okay so here..have a poem..something seasonal I hope

Fall Flight


I flutter from branch to branch

seeking what I do not know

the season is changing

and soon I will fly away


Autumn leaves are changing

fruit is falling from the tree

finding one last meal

before I have to leave