Well why not right?  I have been a good doobie and working my fingers off so why not just give you a drabble to read?  I have submitted another tale to another contest and I need to finish up at least three stories this weekend so I thought I would just give you something short and different.



Dreaming of the sand

by Lisa Williamson


Soft sand and warm water, kissed by rainbows and sunlight.  Now this is a dream we all can enjoy.  Lying back on the beach and watching the waves slowly lap up from the sea.  The mountains in the distance covered in blue green forests, cool and comfortable and filled with secrets unknown to man.


I would love to spend a day and night there listening to the sounds of nature and letting all my worries drift away but reality draws me ever backwards.  Dreaming is fine for so many things but dreams can’t save me now.


The snow runs deep and the cold is bone chilling.  I shudder and wrap the blankets tight around me and lie back in the dark.  Hoping that once more I can dream about the soft sand and warm water, with you lying at my side.  Sweet are the dreams of you at my side